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Selfie Advertising: Is This The Next Big Thing?

By Megan Stewart

Today’s technology means we can live fast-paced lives filled with things to do and pictures to take. But did you know that the selfies are now the norm? People won’t go anywhere without their phones and the ability to take a selfie and post it online. In fact, it is so normal that we don’t even question it when our friend posts a hundred pictures of themselves online. Now, your business can actually use selfies to advertise. Selfie advertising may just be the next best way to reach out to new customers.

Kind Of Like Word Of Mouth

We already know the most effective way to get new customers is through word of mouth advertising. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then you’ll be getting a lot out by advertising through images. One way to do this is through an ad campaign where you offer a prize for the best selfie including your image in it, or something to that extent. Posting these on social media will mean you have engaged current customers (which is always something to strive for), and all their friends get a chance to see your product. Even if you offer a service rather than a product, you can still offer a prize based on selfies using a hashtag with your company name in it. As a growing portion of your customer base is taking selfies and watching each other on the internet, you’ll be able to reach out to more of your audience than ever before.

Personal Recommendation

If you see your friends have it, you’ll want it, and if you already know someone who likes it, you will use it. This is the basic idea behind selfie advertising and showing people what you do and what companies you like to use. This is a powerful tool that is especially useful for pay per call campaigns where affiliates are responsible for finding the customers to call your business. As an affiliate, your job is to find as many new customers are possible for other businesses, and what better way than to actually show off the product or service in a selfie?

How Mmuch Longer Will It Last?

With some advertising, you only have a short window of opportunity. You may be wondering how much longer people will actually use the selfie. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the selfie may not always be the crazed trend it is now, but it will probably never go away. We’ve already gotten too much invested into our pictures and smartphones that make it easier than ever. Even if it isn’t the best method of marketing forever (nothing ever is), you will be able to reach a lot of new customers for now.

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How to Find Your Business Niche

By Susan Friesen

3 Ways to Help Better Position Your Business for Market Success

Finding your business niche is the first step of defining your brand. If you don’t understand how to position your business in the market place or know what you’re selling and why, then you won’t be able to effectively market your business. It’s important to find your business niche so you can:

Here are 3 ways to make finding your business niche easier:

  1. Narrow your focus.

    You’ve heard the saying "Go big or go home?" Not in this case. To stand out from the competition and attract more visitors to your website, you need to be very specific about what you offer.

    For example, eVision Media offers a variety of marketing services. However, we wouldn’t get very far if we only used the keyword "marketing services" on our website or put that term on our business cards.

    Instead, we promote a number of different services on our website, marketing materials and in the real world such as Brand & Marketing Consulting, Website Development, AMPLiFY! Business Academy and SEO.

    Get focused and you’ll find your business niche or niches.

  2. Define your target market.

    You’ll hear this again and again in marketing advice: finding the right audience to target is crucial.

    Many business owners make the mistake of trying to be everything to everybody, or launch a website filled with content that doesn’t speak clearly to the people they want to reach.

    Think about who wants what you’re selling. Is it entrepreneurs? HR professionals? Stay at home dads? Tech-savvy millennials?

    Once you’re come up with your target audience, you can narrow down and define your business niche even more. Plus, you’ll be able to craft search engine-optimized content that will engage and inform exactly who you want to be buying your products or services.

  3. Know the competition.

    It’s essential to know what kind of competition you’re up against when you’re defining your business niche. Start with Google.

    Search the keywords people might use to find your business. If you see pages and pages of results and a lot of PPC ads (those are the paid ads that appear to the right and sometimes above the organic results), competition is high for that keyword or keywords.

    You’ll probably want to narrow down your niche even further, or find another niche to target. For example, if your niche is corporate fitness training but there’s a lot of competition, brainstorm some other keywords to optimize your site for – maybe in-office corporate training, executive fitness training and corporate weight training.

    The trick is to find the balance between low-competition keywords that have a decent search volume. If you’re the only one using a specific keyword but nobody is searching for it, you’re not going to get the results you want.

    Once you have defined your business niche, you’ll be able to market your products or services more effectively.

    You’ll know your focus, target market and competition, which will make differentiating your brand and defining your unique selling proposition (USP) much simpler.

    A good brand strategy takes time, and ideally some professional help to ensure you’ve got everything you need for a clear, concise and compelling brand message.

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If You Could Get Into A Successful Entrepreneur's Mind

By Diane Ong

The business and technology's world has literally collided and has changed so much around them. Use technology wisely and let it work for you and help you enhance your capabilities to have not just a successful mind but to actually be YOUR OWN SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR!

Affluent Mind Set

Successful business people always look at life through the lens of positivity and not on negatives. They see good opportunities on everything and always find ways to get to solutions to problems. They better understand the art of having an abundance of the mind to help you design something creative and productive and just making it happen.

Constant Improvement

Failures are always part of success, in fact, they are the building blocks of success and no one better understand this than successful entrepreneurs do. They always turn failure as an opportunity to be better on what they do. They constantly evaluate themselves on how to do things better. They keep on pushing themselves for more possibilities and they end being amazed of what they can do.

Set Goals And Achieve Them

They always set goals that may seem impossible but again they always push themselves to do more and so they always achieve their goals. This mind set also gives other people the idea of making all goals possible. They take one step at a time and every day they just get closer to their goals. Aside from being optimistic and curious on the things around them, they are also enthusiastic at what they do and definitely get things done.

Good Decision-Making Power

Successful businesses always caught up in making decision whether to focus on the growth of the company or do cut-cost based on gathered data. This technique actually helps in making the right decisions and not rushed decisions that always turn out bad. However, it is always the best to gather relevant information and data about the problem or aspect of the company before coming up with a decision. This is to ensure that they make decisions that are objective and decisions that are right.


In all business platforms, customers are really the center of attention. Mainly, because they are the critical ones who can pull up or drag down your business. Successful entrepreneurs know that for sure and so they make sure that customers are always given attention. They always find ways to take care of their customers and keep them until forever.

The business and technology's world has literally collided and has changed so much around them. As an entrepreneur, you should be able to keep up with the changeFree Articles, be adaptive but of course never forget to be you and do things with a personal touch. Use technology wisely and let it work for you and help you enhance your capabilities to have not just a successful mind but to actually be YOUR OWN SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR!

Article Source: http://www.articlesfactory.com/articles/marketing/if-you-could-get-into-a-successful-entrepreneurs-mind.html

The Future of Online Marketing

By Todd David

Today’s business world is certainly different than it was just a few years ago with the Yellow Pages, magazine ads, and radio spots. These days, consumers rely on the web and advertisers must focus on SEO, PPC, keywords, and social media. What will the future of digital marketing look like?

The global marketplace is changing on a daily basis. For instance, advertising with Yellow Pages was quite important for a business’s overall exposure not too long ago. The same can be said for direct mail campaigns and magazine ads, as well as spots on the radio. However, now that we are living in 2018, a business needs to focus its attention on the latest marketing trends, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), and social media.

Relying on online marketing in today’s business world, a company can track 100% of its inbound calls, emails, and online chats to figure out a business’s exact costs down to the penny. Folks have search engines, like Google, in the palms of their hands, pockets, or purses. When a local business used to spend approximately $25,000 a year advertising in Yellow Pages, they can now depend on websites and content management systems for less than $10,000 a year.

Quality content writing can attract search engines for no cost, as long as you know the latest and greatest tricks to the trade. You can even set your own budget for targeted PPC campaigns, while connecting with friends and followers to share your messages on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites don’t cost a dime.

One technique that will be amazing for your business getting seen online is a good mix of original content and digital images. These days, your business must get a little bit more creative than simply posting stories and reviews on the web. Place relevant and informative links within your content too.

Surfers of the web want to see vivid photos, listen to audio files and play with interactive components, as well as watch video clips. It is smart to introduce visitors to your page with a short video introducing your business and its products or services. Save longer videos on your webpage for in-depth descriptions for seemingly interested customers who have already scrolled and clicked on your site. The more visual content that is relevant to your business that’s on your website, the better. Allow people to instantly share the information via email or on their social media pages.

As far as what the future of adverting will consist of, internet marketers will be able to identify exactly when their targeted customers are searching the web. Movie theaters will be able to advertise their show times to an entertainment reader every Friday afternoon, while ads for a New England Patriots jersey will appear when a sports fan is checking the football scores on during the playoffs. One thing will remain certain, marketing solutions will continue to progress, just like they have for the last five decades.

Article Source: http://www.articlebiz.com/article/1051643472-1-the-future-of-online-marketing/

8 Mantras To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

By Mntumni Nosicelo

It is wisely said that the harder you work, the more luck you seem to have. Becoming a successful is a dream of everyone but the ones who are ready to work hard will only get to taste it. Becoming an entrepreneur is not at all easy. You have to face a new challenge daily, need to fight your competitors bravely and the most importantly, you need to understand the market. To become a successful entrepreneur you need to stop chasing money and start chasing passion because if you won’t be passionate about your business you would never be able to make it big. All you need to do is decide your goals and secure start-up capital. Grow your enterprise by working hard, surrounding yourself with great staff, and getting the word out about your product or service. Once your business becomes successful, reinvest your income in other business venture to expand your enterprise.

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to follow few steps that have been discussed below.

  1. No problem for beginners.

    The best part about starting a business is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or experienced, you come from a business background or not, the risk level is same for everyone. Your day to day effort and decision making power will decide your destiny

  2. Be persistent.

    When you start a business, you should be determined of keep moving forward and persistent about giving up. Confidence-building is a significant part of being a successful entrepreneur. If you are not confident enough of your decision, you would never be able to gain confidence of your clients. Don’t get scared of failing because success is walking from failure to failure, without losing your enthusiasm. So, if you desire to be a successful entrepreneur you should overcome your fear of getting fail.

  3. Show full dedication towards your business.

    There is no doubt that if you don't show your dedication or commitment towards your work, you will never be able to rule the business world. A leading Indian origin businessman in South Africa, Atul Gupta, is a perfect example for this. He started a small business of computers in South Africa but with his dedication and commitment he soon started to invest in different fields such as investment, real estate, mining, media et al. and today he contribute in the economy of the country. He plays an important role in the development of South Africa. Likewise, if you will show your commitment towards your business then you will definitely get to taste the success.

  4. Stay positive during ups and downs.

    Do not ever think that failure is an enemy of success because it is not. You get to learn something even if you fail. You can either get discouraged by your failure or you can learn about your mistakes. Choose the second option, go ahead and learn from the mistakes you have committed. There is no denying in the fact that there will be time when you will notice that things are not going as you thought but hang in there, don’t lose your hope. Work on it and you will be more successful.

  5. Take the risk.

    The most important step in any business is to take risk. If you are not willing to take risk, you will have to settle for less. Every new idea brings some challenges and risks with it. So, keep bringing new ideas and keep showing your creativity because this will bring some challenges with it and you will continue to learn something from it. Taking the risk doesn’t mean that you will take a step blindly or in which you don’t believe. You should have a clear vision of what you are doing and what can be its outcome.

  6. Know your market and customer.

    To have a complete knowledge about your market is really important because it will help you to take decision accordingly. If you don’t know your market, you will never understand what your customer wants and you will never be able to fulfill their requirement. Also listen to their complaints wisely and improve your product or service accordingly. This will help you gain customer’s confidence.

  7. Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs

    Getting social with other entrepreneurs can build your business sense. You can learn many things by just talking to them. The skills, experience and their traits which all must adore by their stories can be fruitful for your own business. Even if they criticize you about your work process or your business, it will be beneficial to you.

  8. Plan for raising capital and spend wisely.

    It is not easy at all to raise capital and it takes much longer time than you think. So, you need to plan for it. Capital is something that you need every time you plan to have some changes, be it at initial level or at ground level. If you have enough capital with you, then also you need to plan on how to spend it. You cannot spend your money on things that are not necessary. You need to spend it wisely.>

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7 Trademark Mistakes That Can Make Your Business Sink

By Amandeep Singh

Imagine, you have successfully established your brand name in the market by working hard for years and giving everything to build it. Everything is going well and you possess a large customer base with the good market image. Then suddenly one day you are barred from using your name, or you are penalized with hefty penalties or punishments. Just the idea of losing the rights over your trademark can be haunting. All of this could happen just because you have made certain avoidable trademark mistakes.

You may find it hard to believe that simple trademark mistakes will cost you so much. So to make you believe, here we have quoted the case of the famous name in the industry “APPLE”. Its brand name is enough to make the buyers trust the products and pay any amount for it. Let us understand the case of apple incorporation for trademark mistakes.

Apple Corporation v/s Apple Uncorporation

Initially, the Beatles came up with their music company named Apple Corps, and then eight years later Steve Jobs came up with Apple Inc with which you are very familiar. Both the mega-corporations fought in the court for years claiming there right on the brand name apple.

As the apple corporation was using the brand name on a prior basis after the first round the prior Apple Inc. agreed to pay Apple Corps a cash settlement and to stay out of the music business. However, with the advent of iTunes by Apple, the battle between the two heated up again. Finally, an apparent settlement was reached where Apple Inc. agreed to purchase Apple Corps’ trademark rights and then license them back to the music company.

When such a big brand name could face these consequences you could definitely face the heat of making the trademark mistakes. We all know prevention is much better than cure. So let us take a look at the possible trademark mistakes you could make and ensure to avoid them.

  1. Using the names that are too general - Using the word milk for your dairy products or electronics for an electronic product is generic in eyes of trademark department. Obtaining trademark registration for these generic names in itself is difficult. However, in case you get, it registered they are considered as weak and does not hold up in the court.
  2. Ignoring trademark ownership - Usually, the people do not pay heed to the ownership of the trademark. Without paying the due attention they obtain trademark registration in the name of the company or the owner. With this ambiguous decision usually, troubles are faced in the future that in case the trademark is sold who is to be paid. Also, if some disputes occur the actual owner may face troubles.
  3. Failing to conduct a comprehensive trademark search - It is of utmost importance that a complete public trademark search shall be conducted to check the applied, abandoned and canceled trademarks. Importance of trademark search can be clearly seen in the case described above. If before choosing the brand name “apple” a complete search was conducted the steve jobs would have been saved from paying such high prices.
  4. Never forget to protect your trademark - Do you think it is enough to just build your brand name? No its not! In order to protect your name from being exploited by your competitors and create your market make sure to protect your mark with trademark registration. Along with trademark registration comes the exclusive rights of usage and distribution.
  5. Using the wrong trademark symbol - There are three kinds of trademark symbol ®, ™, or SM out of which one is required to be put on the product. If your brand is registered make sure to replace the symbol of TM or SM with ®. The registered symbol helps the customers to put their trust with the product and also make the competitors aware that you the owner of the said trademark.
  6. Choosing the wrong trademark class - While making an application for trademark registration it is important to describe in detail the goods or services for which the owner would use the applied trademark. It is important to choose the correct class of goods and services as your trademark will only apply to items falling the class chosen by you.
  7. Not Hiring a Trademark Attorney - The procedure for applying and obtaining trademark registration is quite time-consuming and audacious. Many times owners fail to understand the importance of hiring the professionals and end up getting stuck in the procedure. The experienced and professional trademark attorney will conduct the better search and will increase the chances of getting the trademark registered significantly.

So now you know what aspects to consider for your Trademark! Go ahead and make your business successful with the well-established trademark.

Article Source: https://www.articlecube.com/7-trademark-mistakes-can-make-your-business-sink